Sunday, October 3, 2010

Video: Word Formation Processes

We freely create new words without thinking too much about HOW it's done; we come by it naturally and take a curious delight in it. LOL, we get a fabjammin' kick out of it, all right, and the one with the greatest inpreciation of vocabulogic has the most fun!

This Sunday, I am pleased to publish a brief video discovered on YouTube. The author (PlatanoAmarillo03) is unknown to me, but she may be a linguistics student, a budding morphology expert. She synthesizes information with some humor and panache through the clever use of pictures and moving font types. Fair warning--the pace is quite fast and the voice is not loud, so turn up your speakers and prepare to focus.

PS. The video describes compound words composed of two words. True enough, but compounds can contain more than two words, as in ruby-throated hummingbird and son-in-law. Read more about compounds.


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  1. Jackie2/01/2011

    Love it! Have shown this video to millions od teachers!


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