Sunday, July 11, 2010

Poll: Publication Feedback

With so many readers on vacation, I am leaving the poll open for two weeks. Scroll down to vote and view results. These tools will help inform future topics and publication schedules. Feel free to add a comment if you wish to elaborate.

Visit another educational site: Resources for Teaching Reading. I expect you will find something of interest. The focus is mainly on comprehension and critical thinking.

Did you notice the Wordle in the sidebar, featuring the 20 most-common prefixes in school English? Thanks to Bob Maulucci for sharing his design with us. He used the advanced features of Wordle to program the size of a particular prefix to the frequency of use in schoolbooks, given as a percentage.

Notice also the 50 word-y websites, shown in the footer of this website. Thanks to Marcia and also to Joan for alerting me to this great collection of hyperlinks.



  1. I only use it to find out about words like posit, redounds, dialectic, synthesis,speculative, certitude, necessity, possibility, objective, subjective,esthetic, passion, despair, disjunction, paradox, repetition and decision. I'm thinking about teaching 7 year olds the importance of thinking while existing. I make it once in awhile to see how the Berkeleyites are doing.

  2. I suppose you look up those words in some of the "Useful Links" listed at the bottom of the blog page.

    I must say, thinking while existing sounds much better than learning to chew gum while walking!

  3. I really enjoy this site and have forwarded the link to many reading specialists, teachers, and SLPs. Thanks for the great work.I hope to meet you in Anaheim next week! I see that we are both presenting.

    Lesley Maxwell

  4. Hi Lesley. I am happy to hear that the blog is making a dent. On behalf of all Vocabulogic authors, "Thank you" (for the affirmation and for passing the information on to others).

    Maybe we will touch base in Anaheim. I hope I am not speaking at the same time you are (isn't that always the case?).

  5. Susan,

    I just found your blog a few days ago and am in love! Such great posts and comments. I have subscribed to your feed in Google Reader. Once I finish reading all your older posts and/or guest posts, I know I will read future posts as soon as they are published. Such great food for thought. Thank you so much for putting this out there for us! May I spread the word about your blog on Twitter and Facebook, as well as link to it on my blog?

    P.S. I will be in Anaheim next week, too.

  6. I speak for all contributing authors when I say, "Thank you, kindly!" We are delighted to know that the info is making its way into classrooms.

    I just looked at your blog.

    WOW! What a marvelous storehouse for educators! It certainly shows that you know how to TWRC.

    Yes, please tweet and twitter about Vocabulogic. I am not yet up to speed with such technology, but I can see from your blog that you are techknow-savvy.

    Hope to meet you in Anaheim. We could all have a "blog party" (J)

  7. Marcy Schmidt7/15/2010

    Hi Susan. Thank you (all of you) for creating this resource. We use Vocabulogic as part of our professional development in our district. All of our literacy coaches use the site and we love to show it to our teachers. We don't read it every week, but at least once a month.

  8. Thank you for your permission and the compliment! Coming from you, that means a lot! I will spread the word on Twitter and Facebook soon. I have already included a link to this site on my blog in the sidebars in the "External Link Categories" area under, "Blogroll" and "Vocabulary." If you would like me to change the wording, please let me know.

    A "blog party" sounds fabulous!

    P.S. I will be nominating this blog for the Versatile Blogger Award in a post very soon.

  9. Thanks, Julie!

    Ok, sounds like fun. I will try to arrange some sort of "blog party" if I can do so at such short notice. Maybe I will just place a notice on the bulletin board for announcements.

  10. Hi Marcy, I am glad your district finds the site useful. I appreciate the feedback on how often your coaches and teachers read the posts because I am thinking of posting every other week instead of every week.

  11. OK. I'll keep an eye on the bulletin board. :)

  12. We are thinking Monday night for dinner. OK by you? For more info, send me an email:



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